For this exercise, I will use design thinking as problem-solving process, adding some UX research methods such as user persona, interviews and empathy map.
Considering a real-case scenario, I would start collecting information about the social, economic and cultural context where the problem exists. Also, it would be very useful to review any additional data from interviews or previous analysis to discover goals and pain points of potential users. Finally, I would have conversations with members of the team because they may probably provide relevant information. 
​​​​​​Iterative Process: Design Thinking
💗 Empathize​​​​​​​
User Persona​​​​​​​
Interview Questions
These are the questions that I asked to some potential users. They played a fundamental role to help me define and adjust the profile of my user persona. The interviews provided key data to create the empathy map detailed on the next page.
🔹What is the most exciting thing about having a GoPro? Why?
🔹How often during the pandemic have you used the GoPro app?
🔹What kind of activities do you do with your GoPro?
🔹What is your favorite feature of the GoPro app?
🔹What kind of new functionalities would you like to find in GoPro app? 
Empathy Map​​​​​​​
Because of the pandemic many millennials started living outdoor experiences even more than before. The economic situation impacted on them psychologically. Many of them lost their jobs or decided to quit searching for more freedom. It is not easy for most of them to afford paid travel adventures and new accessories to improve the GoPro experience.
💭 Assumptions
A digital space where their creativity taking photos or recording videos could be rewarded. It would be a great way to help them as consumers and also to boost the economy.
💡 Design Hypothesis
Millennials are used to use digital channels as a way to make money.
An app with a simple design where points could be obtained when users vote for photos and videos would be innovative. It would also help creators claim benefits using these points.
🎯 Define 
GoPro’s insanely successful action-cam has a global footprint. The cost of the camera is now
under $50.00 and millions of people are using it to document the adventurous side of their
lives. However, the company has a problem though, their current mobile app is only good for three things:
🔹Look at photos people have taken on their own cams,
🔹Edit those photos, 
🔹Look at photos other people have taken around the world. 
For a camera that’s changing the world, this app is admittedly dull and doesn’t push the envelope. What does the perfect GoPro app do that’s new and groundbreaking?

Constraint: This is an iOS app, all suggested technologies need to be available on
the market today or within the next 12 months.
Deliver a new mobile app, one that stands out from the photo environment today.
A mobile application for iOS where people can upload their photos/videos. Their content will be voted by other people and the creators will receive points. These points can be claimed as:
🔹New travel experiences.
🔹GoPro Accessories.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Low fidelity wireframes
Sketching initial concepts and selecting ideas to move forward. 
High fidelity wireframes
I used Human Interface patterns as base to design the high fidelity wireframe because one of the constraints is that GoPro needs to designs an iOS app. I used GoPro institutional colors for this design. Also, I made some adjustments on the UX Writing of titles and descriptions to be  more user friendly. 
I will include ‘upload photos/videos’ function because it’s necessary for this app, however I won’t show how it will look like because it’s a feature very similar to the existing one on GoPro App.
Home Section
🔹Emojis gives titles a modern touches. Millennials use them a lot so I thought that it will be a good detail.
🔹This little heart icon allow user to vote for content in a quick way.
🔹Goes to a new screen with details about the photo or video.
🔹List with top creators of the week. People can add them as friends here or directly on the photo/video details screen.
Photo and Video Section
🔹Details about the photo or video such us title, description, creator and keywords.
🔹Users can view related content.
Rewards Section
User can access to the details of their previous rewards.
Choose a Reward Section
🔹Filter by different criteria such as name, newest, oldest, family friendly and more.
🔹Cost of points for each activity.
🔹Button to claim benefits using collected points.
Profile Section
🔹Total amount of collected votes with photos and videos.
🔹Settings icon: User can change e-email, photo,  password and other data related to their profiles.
🔹Switch between photo and video content.
🔹This option allows users to edit title, description, keywords or delete content
​​​​​​​📱Testing the prototype
🔹Vote someone else's photos or videos.
🔹Upload a photo or video.
🔹Check your uploaded photos or videos.
🔹Claim a benefit using your points.
Usability Testing Script
Hello, how are you doing today? Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today! 
My name is Julieta and I’m a UX designer at GoPro.
We’ll start with some questions, and then I will give you some tasks to complete on a smartphone. We’ll use the feedback we get from you and other participants to improve develop a new GoPro application, so please share your honest thoughts as we go along. There are no right or wrong answers! Any questions?
Before we begin, could I just confirm that you’re still okay with this session being recorded?
UsFinal Questions
🔹How difficult it was to complete all the tasks?
🔹Was there any task that you found very complicated?
🔹What did you like about the product? What didn’t you like? Why?
🔹If you had the chance of improving something regarding this app, what would it be?
Test the prototype!

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