> About Souldoodles
A virtual space to get inspired by other artist's stories founded by Lilibeth Bustos Linares. The website link is: www.souldoodles.org.
> Period
November, 2021.
> My Role
As 3D Artist, she asked me to transform her original isotype: SoulDoodlito (The little yellow heart) into a 3D isotype. This is the initial design made by her:​​
> Initial 3D Proposals
> Final design
For the final design my client asked me to prepare a light + dark version. 
I adjusted the shadows position to show that the little heart was floating. On the dark version, I added outer glow and sparkles because
Souldoodles is a light of inspiration in the middle of the darkness that will help you to discover new ideas for your art.
> X-Mas Version
Also I prepared a x-mas version for my client adding a little Santa's cap.

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